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Hey, people. What's up? This community has been dead for quite a while. I'm just wondering if I should just kill it or try to revive it. I'm going to try the latter. I am presenting a challenge to those of you who are interested. I don't want to beg put it would be really nice if someone besides me wrote something in this journal.

Since the random picture thing didn't work out. I'll try this.
I was looking at and a great idea popped into my head for this community.

The Challenge: Write a short fic based on this general superstition-A bed changed on Friday will bring bad dreams.

Have fun.
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Dumped post

Hey, people. What's up? It's been a while since anything's been posted in this community.
And...what's up with that? **shrugs**
I'd like everyone who is a member to introduce themselves and explain why they gained dumped.
I'll start first since I created it.
My name is Cherish. I live in a great city that I'll be leaving soon. boo hoo hoo.
I started dumped because I need a place to put my fic and I thought others might need a place, too.
Thank you.

P.S. I'm thinking about posting challenges here. What do ya'll think?
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Something In The Way She Knows

Title: Something In the Way She Knows
Author: Cherish Magnolia **points to self** me!:D
Fandom: Pop!
Cancelled Challenge:
Pairing: Kelly Baldwin (Joey Fatone's fiancee) and Christina Aguilera
Rating: PG13
Proofread by: etsu_88, and chootoy. If there are any errors, it's their fault. Hehehe. I'm joking. It's our fault.

Something In the Way She Knows

Please post comments in the lovelylady23 journal.
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all you needis lovely sj

First Post

Hello, my name is Cherish. I just wanted to introduce myself and let you all know what this community is all about.


No plagarism!!
Anything over 100 words, please put behind the lj-cut.
Before the cut, please list the title, author, fandom, challenge it was for, pairing, rating.
Have fics proofread before posting.
After you've posted, tell all your friends about the community.
Please give feedback on everything you read in this community. Everybody likes to know their fics are being read.
All ratings are acceptable.
This is a het and slash friendly community. You can post just about any pairing you want to.
Please introduce yourself before posting your first fic.
Issue any warnings that you think are necessary.
You can post anything challenge-related here.
Any questions, AIM AMsGenieNABottle or e-mail me at

silentj is our first member. **throws confetti and hands her a pen**
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